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Managing Custom Office Templates With an Organization Assets Library

- 17 min read-Sara Fennah
The organization assets library is a feature of SharePoint Online that organizations can leverage to store images for use in sites and pages or to provide templates for use in Microsoft 365 apps (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). This article focuses on using an organization assets library for Microsoft Office templates.

Importing and Exporting a List Template (.stp file) in SharePoint

- 3 min read-Shadrack Inusah
Developers want an effective way to import SharePoint data for reuse across sites and to preserve environment settings, rather than starting from scratch. In the modern experience of SharePoint, the option to upload a list template isn’t obvious. Also, when uploading, you might get a message that you don’t have access. In this technical article and video, learn how to import lists using the classic experience in the SharePoint admin center.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online Integration

- 4 min read-Brian Alderman
When you create a new team in the Microsoft Teams interface, the choice is whether to create a public or a private team. The new team creates a new SharePoint site that needs integration with Teams channels. Here’s a quick look at the settings to consider.

Managing SharePoint Online Using PowerShell

- 7 min read-Brian Alderman
With thousands of users accessing the sites, SharePoint administrators need to intelligently manage users and groups. Learn how PowerShell integrates with SharePoint and how to generate PowerShell scripts to make bulk changes.

Add to OneDrive

- 14 min read-Hans Brender
This article discusses the advantages of using Add to OneDrive (Add shortcut to OneDrive) for synchronizing shared files and folders. If someone shares a folder in OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, you can add a shortcut to the shared folder in your OneDrive to find and work with the files. This synchronization method avoids the limitations of the classic sync method: only being able to sync or copy up to 300,000 items, data only syncing on one device, and problematic unlinking. The article also steps through how to move from classic sync to the newer Add to OneDrive sync method.

Implementing Paging for SharePoint in Power Automate

- 7 min read-Haniel Croitoru
One of the many benefits of using Microsoft Power Automate is the ability to process large amounts of data in batches. By automating such tasks, you reduce the risk and effort of performing them manually and can focus on more impactful tasks. Many connectors in Power Automate are set up to process large amounts, but some are limited by the APIs they use. This article shows how to overcome this limitation, when you work with large Microsoft SharePoint datasets.

Introduction to Migrating Content to Microsoft 365 SharePoint/OneDrive

- 3 min read-Brian Alderman
When it comes time to migrate your data to Microsoft 365, whether it's on premises or off, there are a few steps to take before you hit the button.

Your New SharePoint House: Building a Home That You Can Live In!

- 8 min read-Shari Oswald
This first article of the series, Your New SharePoint House, explores common considerations when you transition to the cloud. It also discusses best practices for helping your organization move, or reimagine, your current technology environment.

Formatting Rows and Columns in SharePoint Lists

- 8 min read-Stacy Deere
This article shows you how to highlight specific types of data within a SharePoint list to capture the user’s attention. You can also alternate the color and format of your rows and columns to separate them visually.

From Clippy to ChatGPT: AI Advances in Productivity

- 8 min read-Christian Buckley
Learn how Microsoft uses artificial intelligence (AI) in Bing search, Microsoft 365, and other tools and platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to improve user experience, increase productivity, and provide better insights. Microsoft has incorporated OpenAI's natural language processing (NLP) technology and computer vision into Bing search. Microsoft also uses ChatGPT in Bing through Bing Chat, providing a community-driven platform for asking and answering questions.

Build a Complete Mobile Audio Player With Track List

- 11 min read-Shadrack Inusah
This article shows you how to build a Power App canvas application that integrates a SharePoint list backend for storing and retrieving images and audio files. The app will be created from within SharePoint and will contain labels, icons, navigation, image containers, and other elements.

6 Steps to Synchronize SharePoint With File Explorer

- 4 min read-Curtis Norman
To get the most out of SharePoint, it's important to be able to access and manage your files directly from your local computer. Learn how to connect Microsoft SharePoint to File Explorer by using OneDrive, allowing you to easily access, edit, and share files with your team and organization.