Security Content

How to Block Microsoft 365 User Accounts Using PowerShell

- 5 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This "how-to" article teaches you how to use PowerShell to block Microsoft 365 (Office 365) user accounts in case of security threats. Besides giving you the necessary cmdlets, it also contains a 6-minute video version of the article.

Stop Using Unsecured Credentials in Your PowerShell Scripts and Use Azure Key Vault Instead

- 1 min read-Mahdi Tehrani
Some users store credentials including the password for a specific service account inside a PowerShell script in real-world production. This poses a highly vulnerable issue where an attacker can simply grab the credentials and use them. In this video, I discuss how we can use a privileged credential in your PowerShell script in a more secure way using a certificate and Azure Key Vault.

5 Great Reasons to Use Azure Conditional Access for Azure Active Directory

- 7 min read-Denny Cherry
In the article 5 Great Reasons to Use Azure Condition Access for Azure Active Directory we will examine several of the most popular features for Azure Active Directory Conditional Access which drive companies to use Conditional Access to help secure their environments using multifactor authentication and Fido security keys.

Your New SharePoint House: Building a Home That You Can Live In!

- 8 min read-Shari Oswald
This first article of the series, Your New SharePoint House, explores common considerations when you transition to the cloud. It also discusses best practices for helping your organization move, or reimagine, your current technology environment.

Working with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Applications – Part 2

- 12 min read-Toni Pohl
Welcome to Part 2 of this series on setting up and managing applications in a Microsoft 365 tenant. In this article, I will dive deeper into the topic and exploring how to use and manage a multitenant app in foreign M365 tenants.

Understanding DAN in a ChatGPT World

- 11 min read-Tim Warner
This article discusses the rise of the mythical DAN "jailbreak" hack in the ChatGPT world and the importance of understanding its implications. ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced AI language model, is capable of providing high-quality responses to a wide range of questions. By employing prompt engineering techniques, users can guide ChatGPT towards generating more accurate and relevant responses. The article describes the unauthorized modification or manipulation of chatbot software, known as "jailbreaking," which is against OpenAI's terms of service. Using clever prompt engineering to bypass pre-programmed controls can lead to ethical, legal, and security concerns.

Working with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Applications – Part 1

- 14 min read-Toni Pohl
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) applications are cloud-based applications that can be integrated with Azure AD for authentication and authorization purposes. Using such applications provides a way to centrally manage and secure access to your cloud-based applications and services using Azure AD identities and credentials. See here how the use and management of applications works.

5 Recommendations to Secure Identities in the Cloud

- 10 min read-Dwayne Natwick
In this article, you’ll learn about five recommendations that you can secure your identities in the cloud. They all work together and there is not one that is better than the others.

How Hard Is It to Implement Microsoft 365 Security?

- 5 min read-Liam Cleary
Implementing security controls within Microsoft 365 is often complicated and requires planning and effort. This article discusses why many organizations need help implementing security controls as part of a Microsoft cloud migration.

Differentiate Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel

- 6 min read-Tim Warner
Learn the ways in which Microsoft Defender for Cloud is both similar and distinct from Microsoft Sentinel to ensure you're protecting your hybrid/multi-cloud environment with maximum efficiency.