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Dear Friends,

We are THRILLED to announce that we are going to launch a new and exciting new site, TekkiGurus!!! TekkiGurus have created a platform that brings together the Tekki Community with the top gurus including MVPs to provide innovative solutions and education through a high quality user experience metaverse online.

Our site will connect our broader community in the SharePoint, M365, Teams, Power Platform, and Azure AI through invaluable content from the Microsoft and IBM team, syndicated and fresh content from experts. The community wants to connect with world-renowned subject matter experts and peers in community-driven forums and gain invaluable insight through lively discussion of issues that community members are facing.

We lead with our commitment to provide innovation while embracing agility in a rapidly transforming world so you can connect with your clients. We build intelligent connections through a reliable, secure communication network of virtual, data, and cloud-based services to your targeted audience.

We need your help to lead, empower, build, and bring together and connect our community.

Here's how you can help:

Share how you've solved a problem, created a service or product, or developed expertise. TekkiGurus global audience and network of industry relationships will enhance your visibility and the impact you can make on the broader community. Allow us to syndicate your content to our site as we drive traffic to your site. Empower business decision-makers, IT professionals, developers, and industry solution providers by enhancing their visibility in a crowded marketplace. Help us bring together a robust community of trusted experts, top tier content, trusted resources, and solutions to technical issues with dedication to high level performance.

We appreciate your time and any help you can provide as we build TekkiGurus together!


The TekkiGurus Team

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