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Brian Alderman
 • 3 min read
Before deciding to upgrade from SharePoint Server 2013, it’s necessary to understand the steps necessary. Often the upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 is only an interim step on your way to SharePoint Server 2019 or SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. Learn about the planning considerations and the steps necessary to perform this upgrade to SharePoint 2016 on a single Windows Server as a short-term solution as you upgrade to SharePoint 2019 or the Subscription Edition.
Christian Buckley
 • 30 min read
In this video, Laurie Pottmeyer, Senior Product Manager and Community Lead with Microsoft Teams engineering, shares some of her own insights and experiences on community-building, as well as some examples on how she plans to incorporate the new free version of Teams into her personal life.
Asif Rehmani
 • 1 min read
You can quickly and easily share a course with others in the company. There are several ways available to share a course and this video demonstrates all of those possible ways.
Rahat Yasir
 • 6 min read
In this series, “Tech Leaders’ Journey to AI Using Azure Machine Learning Platform,” I will have 15 articles to cover concepts ranging from MLOps to a step-by-step approach for model development and deployment. This first article describes MLOps components and why I picked Azure Machine Learning platform.
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Preserving Deleted Files in SharePoint Online Using Power Automate

- 16 min read-Haniel Croitoru
The SharePoint Online Recycle Bin retains files up to 93 days. This article discusses how Power Automate can be used to manage deleted files and store them for as long as needed.

Sending Attachments as Links in Outlook

- 4 min read-Christian Buckley
Sending attachments as links is the safer, more productive way to collaborate over email, and you can configure Outlook to do this automatically.

Conversational AI for Business

- 7 min read-Vesa Nopanen
Conversational AI offers businesses cost efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced employee engagement, business intelligence, and efficient content discovery. Here is what the latest AI chatbots can do, and how they can boost your business' productivity.

Create a View in Accounts or Contacts in Dynamics 365 Sales

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
You can have several views in Dynamics 365 Sales Accounts and Contacts tables. This video shows you exactly how you can make new views or adjust existing views as a user.

Demystifying Email Delivery Insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing – part 1

- 6 min read-Dilyana Radulova
Insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing are vast, but what do all these categories actually mean? This article will demystify some of the most confusing ones, offer examples as well as some best practice and useful hints and tips to think about.

End of Support for SharePoint Server 2013

- 3 min read-Brian Alderman
SharePoint Server 2013 is at Microsoft end of support, so you may be wondering what to do next. It’s important to understand what your options are when end of support happens. Learn more about what this means to you, and understand what options are available to you, including upgrading to a newer version of SharePoint Server or migrating to SharePoint Online.